What are Seasons?

Seasons are recurring events that will add dynamic competition to the game, as all players will need to compete in each Season to reach the top and earn exclusive rewards!

Any player at 4400+ Total Trophies, will now reach the Season Portal, with new Gold rewards, Donations and Requests in Tribes, and Victory Eggs content.

Every Season, half of the Total Trophies above 4400 will be converted into Season Trophies, while the remaining ones will define your next Season's starting point. For example, if you reached 5000 Total Trophies, you will gain 5000 - 4400 = 600 -> 600 / 2 = 300 Season Trophies and your new Total Trophies will be 5000 - 300 = 4700. However, 6200 is the max Total Trophies you can start the new Season.

To level the playing field for each Season, the deduction of excess Trophies will mainly affect Clones with the highest Trophy count, while Clones with fewer Trophies will be affected less.

Season Trophies will currently be the mark of distinction to set THE best of the best apart from anyone else, but they will have even more use within future features.

With the introduction of Seasons, both new and more experienced players will have an opportunity to rise to the top and get recognition and rewards.
Yes, but..what about rewards?

Rewards will be awarded based on the amount of maximum Trophies held at the end of the Season, and your position in the Global Leaderboard. Here's a breakdown:

4401-4699 Trophies: Level 1 Season Egg
4700-4999 Trophies: Level 2 Season Egg
5000-5299 Trophies: Level 3 Season Egg
5300-5599 Trophies: Level 4 Season Egg
5600-5899 Trophies: Level 5 Season Egg
5900-6199 Trophies: Level 6 Season Egg
6200-6499 Trophies: Level 7 Season Egg
6500-6799 Trophies: Level 8 Season Egg
6800-7099 Trophies: Level 9 Season Egg
7100+ Trophies: Level 10 Season Egg
Additionally, our Top 200 Players will see an additional Enhancement in the content of their Season Eggs (Clone Units, Gold, and Gems):

1st: 300% Enhancement
2nd: 275% Enhancement
3rd: 250% Enhancement
4th: 225% Enhancement
5th: 200% Enhancement
6th to 10th: 175% Enhancement
11th to 20th: 150% Enhancement
21th to 30th: 140% Enhancement
31th to 40th: 130% Enhancement
41th to 60th: 120% Enhancement
60th to 80th: 118% Enhancement
81th to 100th: 116% Enhancement
101th to 150th: 112% Enhancement
151th to 200th: 111% Enhancement