If you have tried to start the game but received a message that your account has been banned, this could be due to any (but not limited to) of the following reasons:

  • Abusive behaviour towards other players or our support team
  • Abuse of the payment system
  • Win-trading and/or Trophy dropping (more info here)
  • Questionable Tribe name or nickname
  • Questionable Tribe description
  • Use of Third Party Software
  • Unauthorized in-app currency Selling / Buying.
  • Buying, Selling and sharing game accounts.
  • Frogmind Staff impersonation.
  • Phishing other players' accounts
  • Refund abuse
  • Knowingly exploiting a bug
  • Encouraging others to break the rules
  • Asking for or providing personal contact information
  • Misuse of in-game chat for Advertising, Spamming & Scamming
  • Toxic behaviour
  • A breach of our Terms of Service
Bans are of varying length, which is increased based on the severity of the offense, and whether a player had already been temporarily banned before or not. Accounts found to be in misconduct with any of the above mentioned will face penalties including but not limited to:
  • Revoked in-app currency.
  • Temporary game suspension.
  • Permanent game suspension.

Our bans happen following lengthy and thorough investigations and cannot be overturned.

We will not debate penalties and we cannot provide support for game accounts that have been involved in inappropriate behavior.

Help us create a great gaming environment, and safeguard your account and device by keeping clear of any issues.