We want to help you figure out which of your Clones have a really low amount of Trophies, so that you can decide when to put them in your Party.y

The Clones with a really low amount of Trophies, compared to the rest, will have their Trophies displayed in green. If they win a Brawl, they are awarded a Trophy Bonus!

Trophies awarded at the end of a Brawl are gained or lost based on the colour of your Party/Lineup.
1 Green Clone in your Party: +5 for a victory
2 Green Clones in your Party : +10 for a victory
3 Green Clones in your Party: +15 for a victory

That bonus will also be applied to losses, so having 2 green Clones/Rumblers could get you +40 / -20, which is quite neat.

We also don't want players to feel forced to believe that a full green Party, without a strategy, nor enough experience, is the way to go: we want you to have a chance to win but also still use some of your Green Clones. So 3 green Clones are the max bonus you can get, while still keeping 5 of your core Clones.