If you are really close to an upgrade but cannot find the missing Clone Units, do not worry! Your Tribe is there to help you out.

You can request Clones directly from the Social tab. This will let your Tribe mates know that you are looking for specific Clones.

Once you have received all donations, you can upgrade your Clone!

At the same time, one of your Tribemates might need donations to finish their upgrades. Consider sharing your extra Clone Units to help them out.

Don't forget: donating to your Tribe mates will also help you level up!

You will receive the following amounts of Gold coins and XP points after donating Clones to your Tribemates:
  • 1 XP and 5 Gold for each Primal Clone unit that you donate
  • 5 XP and 25 Gold for each Evolved Clone unit
  • 10 XP and 1 000 Gold for each Mythical Clone unit

Why is there a daily donation limit ?

Like the request limit, the donation limit is there to prevent players from having access to a never-ending supply of Gold.

Without them, players could hop from Tribe to tribe, with the sole purpose of collecting coins, therefore being able to upgrade their Clones at a faster pace than most. We want our Badland Brawl players to get rewards from brawling as that's the main purpose of our game.