The security of your account is important to us, so here are a few quick guidelines to identify the most common risks:

Scammers and Phishing sites

You might be approached in game by someone with offers that sounds "too good to pass on": generally currency, quick progress, a high level account.

Scammers aim to steal your account, by directing you to an external website and/or asking directly for your login information. Additionally, these websites are riddled with trojans and viruses that will put your device, money, and personal information at risk!

3rd party software

Tempted by installing that software to play for you while you are busy doing other things?

Think again.

To make sure our games remains fair for everyone, gaining progress through the use of automated software is not allowed by our Terms of Service. Therefore, using these services might lead to your account being permanently closed.

Furthermore, the websites offering this type of software will try to steal your personal information and logins.

About account sharing, purchase and sale of in game currency

Sharing your account, along with buying and selling in game currency, is against our Terms of Use and can lead to the termination of your account.

Additionally, websites buying or selling accounts and in game currency, only aim to steal your game and payment information.

Help us stop this practice by reporting them to us!

Additional information
  • Keep your devices up to date to their latest version as this will help protect them
  • If you think your account was compromised, change your email and game account passwords to make sure no one else but you will be able to login
  • Frogmind employees will NEVER ask for your passwords