There are quite a few numbers on your Clones, but hopefully the cute but ferocious Doggos can help us clarify them:

- The Clone Total Trophies number (6) is the total of trophies that were awarded to the Clones you had in your Party each time you won. Clones lose trophies when you lose a brawl, so the number can also decrease

- The mana cost (2) is the mana required to deploy the Clone.

- The Clone level (1) is, you guessed it: your Clone's level! The higher the level, the stronger your Clone will be

- The leveling progress number (1/2) represents the number of Clone Units the Clone requires before you can upgrade. Once the counter displays 2/2, your Clone can be upgraded to the next higher level.

You can collect more Clone Units than the ones needed to upgrade: you can either save them for future upgrades, or donate them to your Tribe members.